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Relex and rest in our beautiful garden
Run and play in the grass field. 

Let your lovely children or companion animals  run and play safely in our large grass field bounded by fence. 


Explore Nature and wild life 

Surrounding Nature, Popura offers the delight of watching and exploring wild life.  Every morning, we will encounter several Ezo Squirrels (Native Hokkaido), who live among some of our trees, having breakfast and play. Also, you will find beautiful little birds singing, such as bullpinch, black woodpecker, siberian rubythroat, etc. If you are lucky, you may encounter a Hokkaido Fox. 


Loaming around BIEI by bicycle



One of the best ways to enjoy picturesque landscapes of Biei, is roaming around by bicycle. We rent bicycles and helmets to our guests, also provide cycling maps and some usuful advice.

It is also ecological and healthy way to explore Biei.  Fresh air and beautiful rural sceneries will make your trip unforgettable. 


Nice excursion at Hill of JERUBU

Enjoy beautiful gardens of lavender, poppies and many other flowers with the stunning view of mauntain range behind. Why don't you having a nice relaxed time in Hill of JERUBU, riding a bicycle, having a picnic with your family, or just sitting on the lawn and enjoy the scenery? Hill of JERUBU is just next to Pension Popura, it takes only

5 mins on foot.  


Visit Asahiyawa Zoo

It takes only less than 30 mins by car from Popura to famous Asahiyama zoo, where you can meet penguins, bears, seals etc.



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