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Fresh and locally grown Ingredients

We grow our ingredients organically in our vegetable garden.

Every year, we plant tomatos, beans, corns, pumpkin, carrots, lettuce, potatos, etc. in order to serve fresh and safe (also delicious!) food to our guests.

Even in winter season or when we cannot harvest our own vegetable,   we select our ingredients carefully, we always look for good, safe, and locally produced ingredients

Delicious home-made Dinner

We serve course meal for dinner using the best Hokkaido product.

*We can arrange special meals for those with health or religious dietary requirement. Please enquire us when you make a reservation.


*Dinner starts at 6:30 pm. Please understand that we cannot serve dinner for the guests who check-in late, after 6 pm.


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Healthy and well-balenced breakfast

We serve fresh breads, fruits and vegetable, salad, yogurts, milk, Juice and coffee or tea.

Sometimes, we prepare Japanese style breakfast with rice, soup, salad,

baked fish, some little side dish and pickles.


* When the weather is nice, guests can have breakfast on open-terrace

  enjoying garden views and bird singing. 


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